Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc. is an owner managed Edmonton based company, whose revenues are generated 100% from Condominium Management activities. Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc. started business July 1, 1982 with operations in Edmonton and Calgary (operations segregated into separately owned Edmonton and Calgary companies in December 2004). Over the last thirty years in business Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc. has developed an excellent reputation in the Alberta Condominium Industry. simcom management sign

Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc. is currently 100% owned by Ray and Christine Pratt and
family. Our objectives for our clients are to preserve and enhance the value of their properties.

Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc can accomodate the management needs for any type of Residential Condominium In Alberta. In Fact the first condominium client of Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc from 1986 remains a client today. In addition Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc has five additional condominiums that have been clients for twenty or more years, and an additional ten condominiums that have been clients for fifteen or more years.

If you value both high standards of maintenance and communications (verbal and written) with owners then you’ve come to the right place. We take great pride in providing outstanding after hours service to our clients in the event of a Fire or Flood Emergencies. Rest assured that in the event of an emergency your calls will be answered by Simco Staff as we do not utilize call center services.

Stay tuned as we continue to update our website with valuble information related to the Edmonton Residential Condominium Community.


We offer a number of services that could benefit your Board and Condominium:

Board Development- Assisting members to understand their obligations and responsibilities / Creation of Committees to assist with workload/ Seminar and course options.
Communication- Monthly written report of areas involved with on the corporation’s behalf/ Owner and Resident communication/ Main contact for owner complaints/ Prompt response to ALL owners enquires and concerns for new owners
Emergency- Assistance with preparation of emergency plan/ Emergency contacts including suppliers and restoration if required.

Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated full time and part-time property managers (Ray and Christine)
  • Dedicated staff performing accounting related functions including accounts receivable collections, and reception.
  • Dedicated full time general maintenance staff assigned to undertake minor maintenance work on properties that do not have specifically assigned maintenance personnel. In addition, the senior maintenance staff is one the primary initial responders to after hours maintenance emergencies.

Simco Management (Edmonton) Inc.
#100, 10310 - 176 Street
Edmonton, AB
T5S 1L3

(780) 455-4111 office
(780) 451-0221 fax
Emergency Contact Numbers

Ray Pratt (cell) 699-1490 | Ray Pratt (Home) 452-7438
Colin Barriere 777-8564 | Calvin Laderoute 780 722 4430
Christine Warriner-Pratt 699-1514